Hori Hori

$43.99 USD $55.99 USD
If there is one garden tool to never, ever be without it is the Hori Hori. Part trowel, part pruner, part seed depth maker, part bulb planter, part transplanter...You get the picture. 

If you can only have one garden tool, it/s the The Hori Hori. This Hori Hori is made to last a lifetime, maybe even more. The gorgeous and durable walnut handle meets up with the heat-tempered 6 ¾" pointed blade for a tool that feels like it was made just for you. They are substantial in feel, comfortable in the hand and practically indestructible.

PS..The twine cutter doubles as a bottle opener, just sayin'. Includes an equally almost indestructible 900D sheath with leather accents

by Barebones